FOX Suspension Fluid 10 WT Green 1L

FOX Suspension Fluid 10 WT Green 1L


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Fox high performance suspension fluid is engineered to exceed the demanding conditions of modern suspension systems. It is formulated using the most advanced fluids to provide consistent performance throughout extreme temperature conditions. This formula employs a proprietary additive system that maintains a high IV and eliminates stiction, friction, and wear, and protects against foaming, seal-swell, oxidation and corrosion. Fox Suspension Fluid is 10wt and fully synthetic
  • Prefents foaming
  • Stable and consistent viscosity
  • Extends seal life
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Longer shock life
  • Reduces friction

Green: Used as a bath oil in all Fox forks. It was also the damper oil used for all open bath cartridges. Green can be replaced by Red or Gold (FIT only) in some cases. 

Red: Used solely in Fox Fit dampers, Open bath dampers and Fox rear shocks.

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