Fox Suspension Fluid 5wt PTFE 946ml

Fox Suspension Fluid 5wt PTFE 946ml


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Fox high performance suspension fluid is engineered to exceed the demanding conditions of modern suspension systems. Fox Teflon Infused 5wt Suspension Fluid was created for use in the Performance Series forks' Grip dampers, Factory series GRIP2 and all lower leg bath for GRIP damper. It is now also used in all FIT4 fork dampers. 
To work out required oil type and volumes please visit:
  • FOX 5wt PTFE is only compatible with the latest version of the FOX Low-Friction no flange dust wipers (manufactured by SKF).
  • FOX 5wt PTFE should NEVER be used with previous generation FOX 32mm Low-Friction wipers (803-00-613 or 803-00-079).
  • FOX 5wt PTFE should NEVER be used in place of Float Fluid as air chamber lubrication.

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