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Seat Post Servicing & Upgrades

As with all moving parts on your bike, your seat post will require servicing after time. The seat post internals are similar to your suspension in that there is an air chamber, seals and lubricant. Over time the seals can dry out and start letting air through which can result in your seat post not staying extended or returning to its full travel. Over time the lever cable will stretch and may need replacing or if your post is hydraulic you may need to bleed air from the lever. No matter what the issue is, book it in with us and we'll get it fixed and feeling like new.

Hot Tip: lifting your bike by the seat when the seat post is not fully extended can pull air through the seals meaning you'll need more frequent servicing. Make sure your seat post is extended when lifting/hanging your bike by the seat.

Seat Post Service


Seat post service includes full strip down, cleaning of all parts, inspection of parts for wear/damage, seal kit, lubricants & oils, reassembly and testing.

If any parts are worn/damaged and need replacing we will contact you to talk you through your options and see how you wish to proceed.

ProFlow Suspension Services has the tools and know how to service Fox Transfer seat posts so book yours in via our online booking system.

ProFlow Seat Post Service - $230