7515/7 Kraftform Safe-Torque Speed Bicycle 1, 7 pieces


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7-piece tool set. For professional screwdriving/professional fine adjustment AND for torque-controlled screwdriving. Secure slip-over torque mechanism with quick clockwise/counterclockwise setting and five selectable tightening torques (2.0; 3.0; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0 Nm) and one fixed position (Torque Lock) for unlimited loosening and tightening moments. Quick-release holder for high robustness. Ideal for bike operations. Suitable for bits with 1/4" external hexagon drive. 6 tough bits (50 mm length), profile and size of the bits are easily recognized thanks to the Wera Take it easy Tool finder with its colour codes and labels.


  • Bicycle tool set
  • Torque screwdriver with quick torque adjustment
  • Easy and quick torque setting
  • Fixed position (Torque Lock) for unlimited tightening and loosening moments
  • Secure slip-over torque function for clockwise/anti-clockwise torque-control
  • Quick and easy setting of the selectable tightening torques (2.0; 3.0; 4.0; 5.0; 6.0 Nm)
  • For bits with 1/4" external hexagon drive, also suitable for socket wrench inserts via adapter - ideal for bike operations
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size


Image 2

7515 Kraftform Safe-Torque
Speed torque screwdriver, 2-6 Nm

Image 2

867/4 Z TORX® bits

Image 2

1x    TX 10 x 50 mm
1x    TX 25 x 50 

Image 2

840/4 Z bits

Image 2

1x    2.5 x 50 mm
1x    3 x 50 mm
1x    4 x 50 mm
1x    5 x 50 mm



Great experience with Paul. Had an issue with my Fox X2, and sorted me with one of his EXT shocks in the time while a new part came from the UK. Really transparent service, explaining in details the issues and solutions. Chur!

Max Penny
Queenstown, NZ.

"Proflow have been super important for me with bike setup. They're very professional and I love the fact they think outside the box to get the most out of suspension. I definitely couldn't have got my bike feeling the way it does without their help!"

George Brannigan
UCI Athlete.

Great service, on the spot repair. Highly recommend

Jade Power
Queenstown, NZ.

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