Fox Suspension 20 Wt Gold 946ml

Fox Suspension 20 Wt Gold 946ml


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Fox high performance suspension fluid is engineered to exceed the demanding conditions of modern suspension systems. It is formulated using the most advanced fluids to provide consistent performance throughout extreme temperature conditions. This formula employs a proprietary additive system that maintains a high IV and eliminates stiction, friction, and wear, and protects against foaming, seal-swell, oxidation and corrosion.
To work out required oil type and volumes please visit:
  • The new 20wt. Gold Bath Oil may be used with FIT and O/C damper cartridges (in the lower) but should NEVER be used in open bath fork dampers.
  • FOX 20wt. Gold is compatible with all 32mm 34mm, 36mm, 38mm and 40mm FOX Flangeless Low-Friction wipers (manufactured by SKF).
  • FOX 20wt. Gold should NEVER be used in place of Float Fluid for 2015 or earlier models of Fox forks.
  • FOX 20wt. Gold can be used as air chamber lubrication for 2016 and newer Fox forks - 3ml only.
  • Sizes: 1 US Quart / 946mL

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