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The CTW Dyno

At ProFlow Suspension every damper we service gets tested on our CTW Dyno before it's returned to you to prove our high quality workmanship.

Simply put, the CTW Dyno is used to measure the damping forces produced by a fork or shock at varying speeds so we know exactly how your suspension is working whether it's working effectively for the riders size, style and trail preference.

We can verify that any changes made to your fork or shock are working and the Dyno can also diagnose faults that may otherwise be impossible to replicate in the workshop or hard to isolate.

The Dyno cycles the suspension at a pre-determined speed to test compression and rebound damping and is able to relate it to track conditions and develop settings to suit the bike, rider and terrain.

The Dyno is a computer driven testing system which presents a graphical illustration of internal and external changes to shock absorption or force. It produces a force vs velocity curve for compression and rebound damping, which can be analysed and used to make adjustments to the shock.

The pre-determined speeds used for testing represent different forces which may affect the shock while riding - a lower speed will be for riding along smoother terrain whereas the highest speed would be used to analyse "curb strike" situations.

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