Customizable and award winning downhill, enduro, trail and freeride bikes now available exclusively in New Zealand through ProFlow Suspension in conjunction with Ride By Instinct.


German quality engineering since 2006

Propain stands for gravity dedicated bikes focused on maximum pleasure! More riding, less wrenching. A philosophy that led to Propain’s success.

Propain’s multi-award winning PRO10 suspension system represents the best frame concept and therefore remains the quintessence of Propain to this day.

Blend Alloy and Blend Carbon frames make full use of each materials properties, allowing different areas of the frame to be perfectly tuned for requirements like stiffness, flexibility, impact resistance, weight and strength.

Built for the individualist, Propain frames are completely customizable right down to the decal kit and wheel size. All you need to do is fit it out with your preferred components for your very own dream bike configuration.

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Freeride ain't dead!
The Spindrift 4 is Propain's interpretation of a modern freeride bike. Available in Blend Alloy & Blend Carbon Frames, with your choice of 27.5", 29" or mixed wheels.
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Whether enduro racing, flowy trails, jump lines or the after-work rides – the Tyee 6 is your ultimate all-rounder and fun is guaranteed.
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